Self-Management for Actors

Getting Started with SMFA

Self-Management for Actors is all about four distinct pillars:

Typing & Branding

Sure, knowing your type is important, but even more important is making sure that others "get it" in such a way that your name tops their list before a breakdown even goes out.


It's not about signing with an agent, it's about signing with the right one. It's not about getting an audition, it's about building relationships with the casting community. What you've heard is true, SMFA targeting is The Edge.


You'll no longer dread hearing, "So, tell me about yourself!" You'll become so dang confident with everything you're presenting to the world that no one can deny your charisma. Fall in love with networking. Yes, even if you're shy.

Content Creation

Whether you're producing your own webseries, film, play, or scene for a showcase, it's time to think like a producer and run your acting career like the business it is. Powerful stuff!

Meet Bonnie

Bonnie Gillespie is an author, casting director, producer, and coach to actors and creatives worldwide. Her most popular book, Self-Management for Actors -- required at colleges and universities -- has been named one of The Top Ten Best Books on Acting Ever Written and is featured on the Tom Cruise actor resource blog. Bonnie has appeared on Good Morning America, the BBC, E!, and in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the LA Times.

Bonnie's coaching clients include Emmy winners, Broadway stars, hot recording artists, championship athletes, and actors just starting out. What do they have in common? They're all leaping to the next tier by clearing out the clutter of the Hollywood "rules" in favor of focusing on what they can control and exactly what's right for their creative journey, not anyone else's.

Bonnie Gillespie
Miss Bonnie will BLOW YOUR MIND. Her genuine passion, focus, and kindness is contagious. I credit her as my secret weapon. Cassie Silva, New York
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